Final Remarks

With all that has been mentioned, “one can truly understand and appreciate… law school… only by experiencing it” (McClurg 2017:1). Professor McClurg (2017:xv) also observes that law school is both mentally and physically taxing for a notable percentage of students even those who enjoy it and excel academically.

One reason is perhaps that law school is abounding with exceptional individuals, such as you, combined with the strict curve requirement, contributing to imposter syndromes in a substantial portion of students (Gordon 1990:1686). It is thus unsurprising that one student writes: “My biggest surprise is that everyone feels the same way that I do. My insecurities are shared among most of my 152 peers. That provides tremendous comfort in that I am not the only one feeling overwhelmed, scared, stressed, and excited all at once” (McClurg 2017:33).

As such, in the pursuit of personal, academic and professional accomplishments, it is important for us to nurture our psychological and physical well-being. As Psychologist Healy emphasised, we need to remember that we need to be compassionate to ourselves, we need to be respectful to ourselves, and we need to be kind to ourselves.

Albeit demanding, the journey through law school is a priceless adventure, rich with transformative moments (Miller 2010:3). As the final chapter of law school draws near, it heralds the beginning of a new phase in one’s life, characterised by the profound transformation wrought by legal education (Miller 2010:3-4). The reading, research, writing and time management skills honed throughout this rigorous journey – from the art of legal reasoning to the mastery of persuasive writing – can serve as invaluable assets not only in one’s career but also in shaping one’s personal life (Miller 2010:32, 35, 44, 212, 280).

Indeed, the culmination of trials and tribulations over years will yield a series of gleaming pearls of wisdom, illustrating the transformative power of perseverance and dedication. And a law degree from Melbourne Law School ‘essentially means that the world is your oyster. It will open doors for you in whatever direction or area [you desire]’ (MLS 2022).


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